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Best of the Best

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The Best Grapes in Argentina

With over 150 years of winemaking experience, Don Duilio produces top-quality wines from the richest terroir in Argentina: the Valley of El Pedernal. 
Whereas prestigious brands are using some grapes of El Pedernal to increase their quality, only Don Duilio uses 100% El Pedernal grapes, resulting in outstanding quality in all their wines.

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Extraordinary tasting port wines!

Poças is a Portuguese independent company producing Port wines since 1918. They own 3 Estates with more than 100 hectares of vineyard, where all of the grapes come from. These products have earned amazing awards from Wine Enthusiast, Wine Spectator and 
For The Love of Port

Justinos madeira sercial colheita boal malvasia.jpg


Exquisite Madeira Wines

Justinos, the most solid company on the Island of Madeira, produces incredible wines featuring well-blended notes of woods, dried fruits, and nuts ranging from dry to extra sweet.  Madeiras, these fortified wines also known as the indestructible wines, will last for years after opening if kept cool. Ideal for after-dinner wines, definitely a cold-weather favorite.

Barros1950 port_edited.jpg


Vintage 1950 Port Wine

Barros Vintage 1950 Port Wine is an extremely difficult gem to find. Barros translates the Portuguese character into wine, combining tradition, authenticity, and modern values.

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