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How to Get from Concept to Profit

Building a brand is like having a child, the birth is just when the real work starts.

Picture an assembly of gears that need to fit each other and move at the same rhythm and in the right direction, so that as a group they can produce what they are supposed to:  money for you.

Each gear has it’s own component parts, without which, they can’t function.

Without going into that level of detail, picture two lines of gears coming from two different directions: The inner circle that includes strategy, planning, and marketing; and the outer circle that encompasses supply chain, infrastructure, and logistics.

These two groups of gears need to rotate efficiently and in harmony so when your product hits the marketplace, it produces money (vs. headaches).

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GIMA International is a licensed distributor for alcoholic beverages including beer, wine, and spirits for the State of Texas.  Distribution for a brand is considered on a case-by-case basis according to our current portfolio of selected brands, and the readiness of your brand to hit the market.

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A successful brand pushes the product to the market and gets the consumer to pull its products from the shelf using marketing tools like: 

A comprehensive marketing plan that includes merchandising, events, promotions, advertising and

production of great marketing materials starting with sell sheets, presentations, website and POS materials. 

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GIMA is your one-stop shop to assist you with setting up your very own US company and obtaining the licenses and permits you may need to operate.

Identification of Proper Setup

Required US Agent

Open New Company

Importer's Permit

FDA Registration

TTB Label Approval (COLA)

TABC Permits & Licenses

TABC Label Approval

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Take advantage of GIMA's 40+ years of accumulated experience in new product development. We can help you get your product from concept to shelf on a speedy, efficient, and low-cost pathway.

Branding Strategy



Regulatory Compliance


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