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Treasures on Allocation

3 caballos tequila.jpg


Because good tequila doesn't hurt

Also known as the NO HEADACHE tequila thanks to it being oxygen-infused!
Well rounded flavor, exceptionally smooth with comfortable heat and no burn.  
Available as a Blanco and a Reposado it has quickly developed a loyal following among mixologists and tequila lovers alike.

dos artes tequila.jpg


Get it while you can

The production of the Extra Añejo bottle is a piece of art that takes 3 days for the artist to achieve. The liquid is the second piece of art in this product. Extra Añejo is aged in a combination of French and American barrels which gives the product in your pallet a sophisticated and exquisite finish. 
Also available on allocation: PLATA, Blanco, Reposado and Añejo.

dos artes calavera skull tequila.jpg



100% Agave Azul Reposado Tequila 
An incredible piece of art expressed in a bottle.  Outstanding profile in this exquisite tequila and quite a conversation piece with the artistic bottle design. This seasonal item has limited availability, get it while you can!

Aroma azul.jpg


Truly a Master Piece

100% Agave Azul Añejo Tequila. A unique luxury craft featuring an extra smooth taste with vanilla, coffee, tobacco, and chocolate notes thanks to a careful aging process of 18 months in a combination of French and White Oak barrels. This unique bottle design is inspired by Zensotle bird bly and the agave heart diamond-shaped cuts, from where the best Tequila is obtained.

epifania catrinas tequila.jpg


Catrina Ladies

16 in tall hand decorated Catrina ladies embody a special Añejo tequila aged for 18 months in exquisite barrels. This exotic tequila features notes of chocolate, caramel, maple, coffee, and English mint; it is... to die for.



Crystal & Tahona

Fresh agave flavor balanced with soft herbal and citrus notes. Special filtration techniques yield the most crystalline of tequilas.
Robust body and silvery hues that sparkle in the glass make a tequila of great character. Produced with the artisanal method of tahona grinding with a 2-ton volcanic rock that adds unique mineral flavors.

carbonero tequila_edited_edited.jpg


Honoring Coalminers

An authentic crystalline tequila that denotes a mixture of herbal and fruity flavor. Its sweetness is provided by the slow cooking of the agave, thus achieving maximum expression in quality and purity.

Mar azul 1.jpg


Fabulous Flavor Explosion

Mar Azul is a family-owned company based in San Antonio, Texas committed to excellence. Mar Azul Tequila offers quality flavors that create an explosion of taste on the first sip. Our aged Tequilas such as Anejo and Reposado offer an earthy, semi-sweet taste with touches of wood and caramel to end the sip. Our flavors will leave you salivating for more. Proud line of products:  Silver, Reosado and Añejo, Chocolate, Banana, Coconut, Almond, Mint, Pomegranate, Coffee, and the superstar, Habanero Tequila.

sierra vieja tequila_edited_edited.jpg


Authentic Artisanal Meets Fine Mixology

Sierra Vieja is characterized as being the Purest 100% Blue Weber Agave cultivated under the brilliant sun of Magdalena, Jalisco. The premium Sierra Vieja Blanco Tequila is great when served in a Margarita. The premium Sierra Vieja Reposado Tequila is exceptional when used in fine cocktails. The Premium Sierra Vieja Añejo Tequila is matured for at least twelve months in hand crafted wooden White Oak barrels giving it the smoothest enticing sensation when served as is.

te amo tequila.jpg


Romance &  Balance

100%Agave Azul

Blanco:  Sweet taste, fully confirming the tone of cooked agave, herbal, floral, and spicy tones. 

Reposado:  Silky on the palate, vanilla, coconut, caramel, and cooked agave.

bainbridge whiskey.jpg


Estate-Grown Organic Wheat Whiskey

Bainbridge Battle Point

Two-time winner of the World Whiskey Awards as WORLD'S BEST WHEAT WISKEY; and three-time GOLD Medal winner at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge. Fruity yet dry, medium to full body, rich warming spice, an elegant salinity marked by deep toasted oak and a hint of fresh char with a soft finish of toffee and gentle smoke.

Bainbridge Two Islands Islay Cask

Named WORLD'S BEST WHEAT WHISKEY at the World Whiskies Awards 2018.  Fermented with a combination of Scottish and Irish whiskey yeasts, aged only in new heavily charred American oak barrels, resulting in a flavor profile that captures the most intriguing aspects of US and UK whiskies.

YAMA japanese whiskey.jpg


First Whiskey Aged in Mizunara Casks outside of Japan

Named CRAFT WHISKEY OF THE YEAR by Whiskey Advocate. The highest scoring Single Grain Whiskey in 2016 at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge and the 2016 BTI International Review of Spirits. 

Luxury packaging includes prestige-class carafe imported from France, 24k gold printing fired into the glass ad housed in a presentation case complete with a booklet conveying the story of this Japanese-style whiskey. 

Extraordinary warm and lingering profile of velvety caramel with fading spice, balanced with honey and a pleasant oak grip.

copper fox rye whiskey.jpg


Original Rye Whiskey

Distilled from a unique blend of thoroughbred grains from the Northern Neck of Virginia; 2/3 rye, 1/3 barley, hand-malted and kiln-dried with applewood and cherrywood smoke.
Wonderfully balanced with a great combination of creamy, spicy and subtle understated smoke perfect for all applications and occasions. A great crossover for inquiring bourbon drinkers.

JJ Cory.jpg


Irish Whiskey

The Gael

A blend of Malt and Grain Whiskey, Gael is the perfect marriage of Irish Whiskey flavors and the perfect representation of our fruit bomb house style with layers of complexity.

The Hanson

The Hanson is a Blended Grain Irish Whiskey, created in celebration of this spirit and with cocktails in mind. Named after J.J. Corry’s son-in-law who was a revenue man in the early 1900s known locally in Cooraclare as “The Gauger Hanson”.

desolation rtd moscow mule gin ricky tonic.jpg


Ready to Drink Cocktails

Wether they are sitting on the porch or on a hike in te Texas Hill Country, these cocktails are right in line with the on-the-go lifestyle of Texans!

beehive jack rabbit gin.jpg


Made for the Gin lover

A complex blending of botanicals that never forgets that Juniper is king.
Gin is a complicated spirit. Different botanicals, varying amounts, macerated and soaked or left to infuse in the still's vapor trail. We tried it all. A slew of recipes and taste tests. It was hard to settle but we think we've found the perfect blend. Give it your own taste test and we think you'll agree. Cheers!

brandy portugal macieira.jpg



The outstanding Macieira Portuguese brandy is the master creation of José Guilherme Macieira who is heavily influenced by wine-making traditions of the French region of Cognac.

LEMARQUE armagnac.jpg



LeMarque Armagnac is a distinctive kind of brandy produced exclusively in the Armagnac region in Gascony, southwest France since the 15th century. A fuller-bodied style of brandy when compared to Cognac. Makes an excellent digestif as it is true sophistication and pleasure in a bottle.
Available on allocation XO and V.S.O.P.

ginha esphinera cherry liquor.jpg


Cherry Liqueur

Ginjinha or simply Ginja, is a liqueur made by infusing ginja berries, sour cherry in alcohol (aguardente is used) and adding sugar together with other ingredients. Ginjinha is served in a shot form with a piece of the fruit in the bottom of the cup. It is a favorite liqueur of many Portuguese and a typical drink in Lisbon. Also amazing in cocktails!

versinthe absinthe.jpg



Mysterious Absinthe... the beloved and reviled social drink of the Victorian era. More than a drink, a full experience. Try Versinthe French Absinthe with the traditional sugar spoon and be marveled. Versinthe Absinhte is made in France from 18 plants and contains Grande Wormwood, star anise, fennel, genepi, tarragon, dill, basil, rosemary, peppermint and verbena.

almond liquor.jpg


Almond Liqueur

Better than an Italian Amaretto, this almond liqueur leaves a distinct haze of almond sweetness on your tongue. Like a spoonful of sugar, it helps the meal go down.  
On allocation, get it while supplies last.

agwa bolivia coca liquer.jpg


Coca Leaves Liqueur

Premium liqueur made from real Bolivian coca leaves, also containing Guarana and ginseng. Great ingredient for trendy cocktails.

anise liqueur aniz.jpg


Anise Liqueur

Enjoy the giant anisette flowers that are floating inside the bottle and the beautiful crystallized sugar on the steams.  Rich and full-bodied flavor, this liqueur is imported from Portugal. Enjoy it's incredible flavor straight, with coffee beans or carbonated lemonade.

adelaides mocha caramel.jpg


Caramel Mocha Mojo Liqueur

Florida- Adelaide's Caramel Mocha Mojo Liqueur features rich notes of sweet cream, fresh roasted coffee beans, chocolate, and caramel. The palate is decadent with accents of brown spice and coconut cream pie flavors. Smooth, toasted, and long with tons of chocolate and caramel.

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